Come build html5 mobile apps and games with us Brought to you by: everything W3C isoc-il

What is hackAthing?

From time to time, we gather and hack just for the sake of hacking and creating stuff. Unfortunately, we've accumulated a dangerous amount of beer and HTML5 know-how that must be shared with others. So we've decided to join forces with the W3C, and host an open hackAthing - 2.5 days of hacking and creating HTML5 mobile apps and games for everyone (who registers on time)!

Who's coming?

You A passionate web / HTML5 developer wanting to build cool mobile apps.

Us The nice folks at Everything.


Why come?

  • Free Beer (need we say more?)
  • Work on cool ideas with cool people.
  • UX and design aid by Everything's inhouse designers.
  • Test your code with our mobile lab devices (iOS 4-6, Androids 2.2-4.1, WP7).
  • After we’re done here, you’ll be !empty_handed - cool swag for everyone!
  • On-stage time at the W3C’s upcoming HTML5 conference to present your app.

What should I bring?

  • A laptop with your preferred dev environment & tools.
  • Mobile devices if you got 'em (also chargers and cables).
  • Think of an idea to work on or join one.
  • Empty beer bellies + puke buckets (optional).



  • 17:00 - gathering & pitching ideas
  • 19:00 - session - developing games with html5
  • 20:00 - session - html5 apis you need to know about
  • 21:00 - hack 'till you drop


  • 10:00 - eat now?
  • 11:00 - hack 'till you drop


  • 10:00 - eat yesterday's lefotvers
  • 11:00 - hack some more
  • 18:00 - showoff your projects

I'm in. Where's it at?

Everything HQ

154 Menahem Begin Rd.
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Free spots are very (and we mean VERY) limited

Register now on Eventbrite - hackathing